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Your Hearing Consultation
As clinically certified audiologists, we can tell you whether you have a hearing loss and recommend the best course of action. People experience relief when they learn the facts and gain a strong sense of control over their situation.

It’s very easy to schedule a visit with Ron. During your visit, we will conduct a hearing examination and review your results with you. We will focus our discussion on how your hearing affects your daily life. To help you manage your personal hearing needs, it’s critical that we understand issues such as:

  • How you think you are hearing in different situations
  • What you are doing to deal with hearing issues in your everyday life
  • Your hearing “wish list” — in what situations do you need improvement

As your appointment approaches, it is a good idea to start thinking about these questions.

Bring Someone With You
Because the sense of hearing is of such great social importance, the decision to seek hearing help is very often a family event. Sometimes it is a spouse, son, daughter, or friend who first recognizes that there may be a problem. You may wish to ask someone close to you whether they are aware of any difficulties you may be having, and how it is affecting them. This is why we recommend that you bring a spouse, family member or friend to the visit. If hearing instruments are recommended, it is helpful to have someone present who would be involved in that decision process, to participate in the consultation.

Next Steps
We will advise you about the nature of your hearing loss and recommend next steps. Fortunately, there are many ways to help people with hearing loss. Only about 5% of adults’ hearing loss can be improved by medication or surgery. Hearing instruments can help most people with hearing loss. It is easy to try a hearing instrument right in the office, and these instruments can often be taken home for a week to use in your day to day listening situations. Wearing hearing instruments can improve your quality of life.

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