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Dr. Ron Miller, director of Southwest Hearing Center recently attended a workshop on BrainHearing™. Information shared in the workshop focused on the fact that we actually hear with our brain…not our ears. The ears and the brain work together as a system, with your brain doing most of the heavy lifting. Your brain is what uses the information from your two ears to ORIENT you by figuring out which direction sound is coming from. It’s in the brain that sound waves become sounds that you RECOGNIZE. And your brain is what helps you FOCUS in on a conversation and SEPARATE out unwanted noise. Right now, all four of these tasks are happening simultaneously and continuously inside your brain.

BrainHearing™ technology by Oticon supports the work done by your own unique hearing brain in the following ways:

  • Orient – The brain constantly uses both ears to orient itself and know what’s happening in the environment
  • Recognize – The brain depends on its ability to recognize a sound in order to make sense of it.
  • Focus – The brain uses both ears to focus on what’s important, especially in noisy sound environments.
  • Separate – The brain separates relevant sounds from competing noise.

The Oticon Alta Technology helps the brain to hear more naturally:

  • Preserve the important details in speech
  • Work as a system to help you locate sound.
  • Reduce the effort involved in listening.
  • Take your personal listening preferences into account.

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